Friday, 10 June 2016


Matariki in other words Seven Sisters. Matariki this year stared early and late June.
Everybody loves to learns about matariki

The legend or myth which some people believe is, Ranginui the sky father and Paptuanuku, the earth mother were sepreated by their offspring. The God of winds Tawhirimatea became angry tearing out his eyes and throwing it in to the heavens and making Matariki.

What happens when Matariki is here
When Matariki is here people plant winter crops and make things. People use kites on Matariki because since the first people greeted Matariki with kites. People have a big feast and dancing.

What Matariki means and does
People say when the stars shine brightly it means a warm year with lots of fish in the ocean. Matariki is a time to spend time with family and friends. Also a time to forget and forgive and to, reflect the past and start a brighter future. 

Matariki has been around for many years. So it's important to respect this occasion.

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